Issue 2: Invalid IDNs: What do browsers answer?

Some scripts have a restricted syntaxe when used in IDNs. For example, you can't mixe Latin characters (LTR in fact) and some scripts (RTL in fact) in the same label, or have a number at the beginning/end of RTL labels.

Browser's answer when clicking on invalid IDN:

- Firefox2.0: "Server not found. Firefox can't find the server at المغxرب.museum."
- Camino1.0 (better?): "Address Not Found .museum could not be found. Please check the name and try again."
- Mozilla1.5 (better?): Follows the link normally. It's the .museum registry which display the the address is not in use. ( is not in use)
- Safari2.0: No reaction on click !? (Note: this might warn user that something went wrong)
- Opera9.0 :-): The right message error (shame on the ohers): Invalid URL. "Contains invalid or misplaced characters."

Try this. Mixed RTL and LTR chars. Compare with others.

Arabic: http://المغxرب.museum

Hebrew: http://רשxת.museum

Cyrillic: http://пуxтин.museum

Japanese: http://リクxスさん.museum

RTL with digits at the end.

Arabic: http://المغرب

Hebrew: http://רשת

Cyrillic: http://пуxтин

Japanese: http://リクxスさん

Note: Safari is even stranger : It displays "" as
in the main window, whereas it is fine with the status bar on mouse over.?